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Different types of shower doors

It’s easy to feel overwhelmed by choice when choosing new shower doors. There are so many different types and styles available, it can be difficult to know where to start. It’s true that there’s a lot to consider while researching the various screens, doors, cubicles and enclosures on the market. Size, shape and material are all important considerations. So start by thinking about how your shower will be used – and by whom. Then move onto the aesthetics. We all want a shower door that looks fabulous and enhances our bathroom design. But make sure you prioritise function as well as form.

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Wonderful wetrooms

If you’re a true shower aficionado, a wetroom is the ultimate luxury. While wetroom floors and walls should be waterproofed, a screen of some sort is still a popular option. This helps to prevent water from escaping outside the dedicated shower area. Nobody wants water splashing and spraying absolutely everywhere! Wetroom screens provide the necessary functionality without distracting the overall look. They are especially useful if your wetroom is compact. After all, a screen ensures your towels and toilet rolls don’t end up damp after every shower. They can also add a welcome element of privacy.

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Where wetrooms are concerned, a minimalist approach works well. That’s why so many people choose clear glass screens with support bars, to enhance an open-plan look and feel. But if you’re after a little more edge, there’s an exciting new trend in town. Mat black Crittall glass started off as a popular option among the cognoscenti for external doors and windows. Now this style is fast becoming the aesthetic of choice for internal shower screens.

Crittall-style screens incorporate clean, simple, understated lines. They work really well in modern bathrooms, adding interest and bags of style. Designed to define, the black grid designs add a dash of on-trend utilitarian style to any bathroom.

Crittall-style screens are surprisingly versatile too. They look wonderful as part of a minimalist, monochrome décor. In addition, the black frames work well within neutral colour schemes or as a contrast for bright accent shades.

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Sliding doors

Sliding shower doors are another great option for small bathrooms or en-suites. In fact, they offer excellent space-saving qualities. Unlike pivot or hinged doors, they don’t need a big space to open into. They also won’t knock into other fixtures or sanitaryware when opened.

Sliding doors also aid accessibility for those with limited mobility. They are easy to operate for the young, the elderly and the infirm. The ability to slide both doors to the left or the right is another useful advantage of course.

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Another key benefit of sliding doors is that they prevent spillage, thereby eliminating the need for a shower curtain. These easily fall prey to mould and mildew, especially if your bathroom is poorly ventilated, or they aren’t aired properly. Regular shower curtain replacements can be costly and inconvenient, so sliding doors could save you time and money. In addition, they are easy to keep clean. They are also more effective than flimsy fabric at keeping your shower water where it should be – inside the cubicle!

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Hinged doors

Hinged doors provide a practical design to create a concealed showering space within your bathroom. They are available to purchase in a recess, or with the option to add a side panel to make an enclosure.

In simple terms, hinged shower doors swing out to open. In reality, they are more usually found in bigger bathrooms. This is because hinged doors open outwards so they need plenty of space in front of them. A big advantage however is that they are easy to keep clean. That’s because unlike sliding doors, they don’t have tracks at the bottom where water can pool and mould develop.

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As they usually open out to 90 degrees, hinged doors offer easy access. However, pivot shower doors take this one step further. As the name suggests, these can spin 180 degrees in each direction – a bit like a revolving door. So this creates a larger opening for shower access. In fact, pivot doors are fast becoming a stylish complement for luxury, modern shower installations

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Semi-frameless styles

Typically, semi-frameless shower doors feature partially framed doors, combined with framed stationery glass. However, they offer a number of advantages. First of all, they tend to be less expensive than frameless styles – good news if you’re watching the pennies. Semi-frameless units tend to have thicker glass, which gives a studier, more durable feel. As they incorporate a certain degree of metal, they offer good adjustability versus frameless shower doors. In addition, semi-frameless styles offer clean lines and work especially well with modern bathrooms.

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Benefits of bifold shower doors

When space is really at a premium, bifold shower doors are a great solution. After all, they feature two glass panels that fold in on each other when the door is opened. So this means they don’t encroach into any bathroom space. This also ensures that any excess water stays inside the shower cubicle, rather than flooding your floor! Bifold shower doors are usually a low-cost option, so they’re perfect for small budgets, as well as bijou bathrooms.

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Is walk-in the way forward?

walk-in shower screen combines practicality and style. In reality, they offer a contemporary design option that maximises all the space available. Best of all, they tend to be less expensive than a bona fide wetroom. We suggest curved screens and trays as an easy way to introduce an upscale look and feel.

Another huge advantage is accessibility. So a walk-in shower design is perfect for users with reduced mobility. There are no trip hazards, thanks to the ground level shower tray. And there are no heavy doors to contend with either.

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Lastly, walk-in screens also tend to be easy to clean and maintain. In fact, they feature flat surfaces, and few places where water, mould and mildew can proliferate.

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