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Grey Bathroom Ideas & Inspiration

Posted on Wednesday 17th May 2017 by James Roberts

grey bathroom ideas

According to Google, the number of people searching for “grey bathroom” has doubled since 2012, with an unprecedented rise in popularity among home owners, renovators, and interior designers – but why are grey bathrooms so in demand?

We spoke to Sharon Blaustein of New York City interior design firm B Interior to understand more about the grey bathroom trend:

“Grey is trending everywhere, from bathrooms and living spaces to people’s hair. I love a good grey palette. It’s a nice neutral tone that adds a sophisticated, modern feel to the bathroom. I think a lot of designers are moving toward grey because it helps to open up tight spaces like bathrooms without going sterile with a full white room.

“Darker greys can give an upscale contemporary feel, especially if you pop them against a bold white tub or sink. And paint isn’t the only way to go. There are a whole host of natural stones and wallpapers you can use to keep a modern clean feel while adding a level of texture and depth.”

Grey Bathroom Inspiration

When we talk about grey, it’s easy to picture drab concrete, boring office buildings, and dull, nondescript décor – but a neutral tone bathroom can make a captivating colour scheme to add a touch of sophistication to your home.

The example below from Arch Interiors really demonstrates the potential of a grey bathroom, using impactful tiles with an inventive pattern to create a unique, futuristic aesthetic.

grey bathroom ideas

Another technique for getting the most from a grey colour scheme is to use an accent colour to give the room some added depth. We caught up with Michelle Nelson (founder and host of Build Your House Yourself University Podcast and Blog) about how to make the most of a grey bathroom using accent colours:

“Grey can be a really soothing shade when paired with the right hues. Most palettes work well with grey, but stick to one or two colours. Learn how to layer greys for a calming effect, or combine them with other colours to add extra punch to your design scheme.

“The current trend is to use strong, vibrant colours which will really sing out against a neutral backdrop. By using the same colour, but in both its palest and deepest incarnations, you can create a rich, contrasting look that is still harmonious and coordinated.”

Grey Bathroom Ideas

grey bathroom example

While sky blue, off-white, and natural tones are all popular choices for a bathroom hue, grey provides a balance and neutrality that can give your space a calming, sophisticated feel.

Another benefit of a neutral shade bathroom is the possibility of changing your accent colour more often – if all your fittings are grey and white, you can change the accompanying colour of your walls, towels, and storage options more frequently, while retaining the spirit of the room (not to mention saving money by avoiding a complete refurb!).

We caught up with Carole Marcotte from Form and Function, a sustainable, vintage-inspired interior design brand who provided the below images from a recent project. The bathroom is split into a spa-like bathing area and a den complete with sofa and TV to act as a peaceful escape from the rest of the busy home.

grey retro bathroom

This grey bathroom design is paired with retro style tiles to give a classic, sleek aesthetic. Many grey bathrooms opt for contemporary style, but we think this combination of grey with vintage fixtures works well together.

grey bathroom den

The den area of the bathroom (above) features a warm grey that works well with bright accent colours, such as a vibrant rug and yellow throw cushions.

vintage grey bathroom

Accenting a light or dark grey bathroom with clean white accessories – such as towels – can lighten the mood of the room and prevent it from feeling dreary or plain.

Grey Bathroom Accessories

grey bathroom cabinet

To keep your style uniform, it’s worth investing in bathroom accessories which complement the overall mood and colour scheme of the room. For example, a mirrored cabinet in a light shade, like the old London grey mirror cabinet pictured above, is neutral and unassuming, but offers subtle hints of traditional style.

A grey slate shower tray can give your space some gravitas, creating an impactful focal point in an often overlooked area of your bathroom.

Grey Bathroom Vanity

Another excellent piece to include in a grey bathroom is a vanity unit to enhance a contemporary or heritage inspired décor.

A dark grey vanity unit like the piece pictured above can be a nice touch, as it adds valuable storage space while contributing to your overall theme. Grey is versatile enough to suit a traditional décor or a sleek, modern design, so the choice of accessories is vast. For example, the gloss vanity basin below would suit a minimal layout, while being easy to clean and maintain.

grey sleek vanity unity

Accent Colour Tips for a Grey Bathroom

Finally, we consulted Mark Cutler of Mark Cutler Design, who offered a simple tip for making the most out of this season’s hottest home décor trend:

“My biggest tip for people who want to do a grey bathroom is do not use all grey. An accent colour can create a much more dynamic feel. Luckily, grey is practically a neutral so almost any colour goes well with it, for instance:

  • A citrus yellow will create a bright summer sort of feel,
  • A persimmon will make it feel very rich and deep and the same for a deep red colour,
  • White will create a classic glamor feel while black will give you that jazz age pop.”

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