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Choosing the Right Toilet for your Bathroom

Posted on Wednesday 11th October 2017 by James Roberts

Choosing the right toilet is an essential part of any bathroom, so it pays to get it right. Don’t worry, though, we’re here to help you make the best choice for your bathroom, whether you’re after a traditional close coupled toilet, a wall hung toilet or the latest rimless toilet bowls.

Close Coupled Toilets

Choosing Choosing the right Toilet for your Bathroom - Close Coupled Toilets

Roper Rhodes Close Coupled Toilet

Close coupled toilets are the most popular toilets in the UK and suit both contemporary and traditional bathrooms. Made up of separate pan and cistern pieces, many come with a traditional lever handle or dual flush buttons. They’re also easy to install and available in a number of different styles, so you’re sure to find something you love.

Close coupled toilets from Vitra , Roper Rhodes and Pura are great if you’re sticking to tradition.

Back to Wall Toilets

Back to Wall Toilet Bauhaus

Bauhaus Back to Wall Toilet

A back to wall toilet brings a modern touch to any bathroom. With the cistern accessed through a wall panel, it’s minimalist style is also practical if you want to make the most of your space. Back to wall toilets are also a cheaper alternative to wall mounted toilets, if your budget is tight.

Back to wall toilets from Bauhaus and Tavistock will maximise space in your bathroom.

Wall Hung Toilets

Choosing the Right Toilet for your Bathroon - GSI Wall Hung

GSI Wall Hung Toilet

A real statement for both contemporary and traditional bathrooms, wall hung toilets give the illusion of a larger bathroom. Easy to maintain, the cistern is hidden behind a flush plate that gives you plenty of access. And if you’re worried about the weight, wall mounted toilets are fixed with sturdy steel frames, ensuring they stay put.

Wall hung toilets from GSI and Britton will add a stylish flourish to any bathroom.

Closed Back Close Coupled Toilets

Choosing the right Toilet for your Bathroom - Britton Closed Back Close Coupled Toilet

Britton Closed Back Close Coupled Toilet

A practical, stylish solution for any bathroom, closed back toilets can hide unsightly pipe work with their neat and tidy look. And because they fit flush against the wall, they’re easier to clean and prevent grime build up. Though, they’ll only fit if your pipe work comes straight out of the wall or down through the floor.

Closed back toilets from Britton and Pura will add a timeless fixture to your bathroom.

Comfort Height Toilets

Choose the right Toilet for your Bathroom - Heritage Victoria Comfort Height Toilet

Heritage Victoria Comfort Height Toilet

Suitable for taller people or elderly, comfort height toilets are around 4-5cm taller than usual. Positioned to give a 90 degree knee angle, they put less pressure on the lower body. But that necessity doesn’t come at the cost of style, with designs that suit both contemporary and traditional bathrooms.

Comfort height toilets from Burlington, Britton and Heritage will bring a practical touch to your bathroom.

Rimless Toilets

Choosing the right Toilet for your Bathroom - Bauhaus Rimless Wall Hung Toilet

Bauhaus Rimless Wall Hung Toilet

Rimless toilet bowls are the latest innovation, with Burlington, GSI and Vitra making them a prominent feature of their toilet ranges. Many feature a coating that makes them less prone to bacteria and easier to clean. Rimless toilets also use less water, making them better for the environment and your pocket. And because they’re hidden in plain sight, they’ll suit both contemporary or traditional bathrooms.

Rimless toilets from Burlington, Vitra and Bauhaus will improve hygiene and make cleaning your bathroom a breeze.

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